Brand story

The story of the Freemind Jewelry brand began on the island of Bali in 2013, where at the time lived the founder of the brand, Polina Iodis. An unexpected turn in life led her to leave the show business and immerse herself in professional surfing, as well as in studying jewelry craftsmanship and design. Initially, the jewelry was produced in several Bali-based factories, but there was always a goal - to open its own jewelry production.

It has been a long journey to the dream, which was only realized after 10 years! All these years, we learned, grew, and gradually became who we are now. Currently, Freemind Jewelry has its own small production in Portugal on the ocean shore, where all the brand's jewelry is born. We put our heart and soul into all our products. Handcrafted, timeless design, and quality are the brand's most important values!

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